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What a member may like to know:.

Q.1. Why should I take the AdvantAge Card?

The AdvantAge Card is an offering of HelpAge India, a NGO with a 35 year history of working for the welfare and Rights of Senior Citizens of the country. The Card is offered to all Indian citizens above 50 years of age. It is valid for life. The objective of The AdvantAge Card is to launch a movement to provide a solution to a unique problem that besets today's elder population: that of increasing isolation and neglect. It is often seen that with advancing age, senior citizens find they are being left behind in the rush of everyday living. Advancing age slows down both physical activity and mental acumen. As a result they tend to give up on simple activities like going out outdoors, shopping for their needs and socializing outside the home. There is an urgent need to tackle this issue as the elderly population has already reached 100 million and continues to grow.

As a first step, HelpAge India has tied up almost two thousand Associates across India who are retailers and companies offering consumer products and services. Each of them will offer attractive discounts to AdvantAge Card members. This should act as an incentive for senior citizens to step out of their houses and shop for their own needs, thus becoming no longer dependent on others in the family for these. This stepping out of doors will help them socialize with a much larger community as well as keep them physically active. In a second step, HelpAge encourages members through their respective Senior Citizens' Associations (SCA) to form AdvantAge Chapters where they group with like minded peers to participate in walking clubs, book clubs, bridge teams and even volunteering for socially productive causes. This constitutes 'Active Ageing' and serves to keep illness at bay and stimulates mental alertness. Any sense of isolation and neglect is then quickly discarded!

Q.2. How is this card different from other loyalty or Affinity Cards in the market?

Many companies have their own loyalty/ Affinity Cards which offer discounts on their own product and encourage the use of only their product. The AdvantAge Card will get you discounts on many products and services of the companies which are on our nation-wide chain of Associates. Additionally, the Card offers members the opportunity to participate in Active Ageing activities of the Advantage Chapters.

Q.3. What do I have to do to become a Card Member?

You have to fill in a very simple form that's available on this website. Simply fill it online and submit it. Your Card should be with you at your given address in three to four weeks' time. Alternatively, you can download this form, fill it and mail it to our given address. You can also access this form at our various offices across the country (list available on this website) and submit it there. Remember, there is no joining fee, it has life time validity and it does not require any annual renewal fee.

Q.4. Is the AdvantAge Card a valid ID Card?

This card is not a Govt. ID Card. The card will have your name, address, phone number and will serve as your Identity Proof at the shops/outlets which offer your discounts. It is quite possible that you will find this Card sufficient as a valid identity proof on many occasions.

Q.5. Why are you asking me to fill in emergency contact details in the form?

If the card is in your pocket and there is any unfortunate accident, the emergency contact details will make sure that whoever comes to help will be able to contact your near and dear ones.

Q.6. Why is there no provision for photograph on the card?

Simply because it enables a on the spot filling and submitting process of the enrolment form. On this website, you can provide all the required details and submit the form without having to upload a photograph. At a physical location like a state office or a SCA meeting, there is no need to delay the submission for lack of a photograph on your person. This feature also enables a person to enroll a spouse or a group of friends whose full details are known.

Q.7. How many companies are giving us these discounts?

Currently the programme has almost two thousand retail associates across India. Ongoing efforts by State Offices of HelpAge will ensure that more and more hospitals, nursing homes, chemists, retail outlets, hotels, restaurants etc. soon enter the Associates countrywide chain. Additionally, all members are encouraged to add to the list by enlisting those retailers and service providers which they use, thus giving themselves the facility of enjoying discounts at these outlets. Remember, any such activity on your part helps you actually practice Active Ageing!.

What a potential Associate may like to know:

Q.1. Why should my company be an associate of this programme?

India's senior citizen population at over 100 million currently constitute a sizeable market for any manufacturer or retailer. HelpAge India today has a large donor base of 50 years plus persons, all of whom have received an AdvantAge Card. This group has high disposable incomes and would be an attractive market segment too. Currently, the membership has crossed over one lakh and is growing. Senior citizens by nature respond positively to value for money propositions and thus discounts and offers are potent marketing tools. Further, by including the 50 plus in our membership criteria, a group which constitutes important decision makers and high value consumers get automatically inducted to make for an even more attractive market segment.

Q.2. What other benefits does my company get from this programme?

By providing you with a facility to display your communication banners on our website pages, we enable your company or product messages to be seen by the large number of viewers who log on to the AdvantAge Card website every day.


There is an added incentive for your Company's HR department. You can reward long serving employees of above 50 years of age by enrolling them as AdvantAge Card members! They will appreciate the savings they can make with their everyday shopping as well as with large value purchases! So you see, you gain big while at the same time, associating your company with a worthy cause!.