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The AdvantAge Card website will work virtually as a social media vehicle. It will link thousands of individuals with common interests, bring together members of families across geographical locations and help to reconnect with friends and colleagues. This will be a community worth getting close to! Communicating on this website will pay rich dividends. Choose from a variety of options: pop-ups, banners, videos.

Please download this form to indicate how you would like your mesage communicating your offer to appear :
Online Message from Associate Form :
Message from Associate

Message from Associate –AdvantAge Card Program
Congratulations! You have just signed up as a valuable Associate for the HelpAge Advantage
Card Programme. Please fill in the message form below as you would like your message to be
displayed on our website : www.helpageadvantage.org

(You can also have your message displayed on our Website for a nominal donation. Please contact the AdvantAge Crad team on 011-42030463 or Vaishnavi.jain@helpageindia.org/ shekar.nambiar@helpageindia.org)
For example
Thank you and we hope to have a very productive association,
Advantage Card Team