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Respect and love for elders in our family or in the society is built into every Indian's upbringing. This attribute helps shape character from an early age. Now you can turn this inherent quality in you to bring elders, whoever they maybe or wherever they may live, a unique advantage.
HelpAge India's initiative, AdvantAge Card allows elders to avail discounts on products and services; medical expenses to entertainment and many other useful products and services. The idea is to empower the elderly to use their budgets in the best possible manner, in these times of high inflation.
The introduction of AdvantAge Chapters is taking this initiative to a whole new level. In brief, members of the AdvantAge card with desire to serve society can come together and form AdvantAge Chapters to stay physically, mentally and socially active with a common-goal in mind!.


Make members

Get everyone you know above the age of 50 to sign up for the AdvantAge Card, you can do this online on our website: www.helpageadvantage.org or collect enrollment forms from our state offices or the Head office at New Delhi.

Make associates

Visit local markets, chemists, hospitals etc. Secure discounts for the elderly. You simply have to get a Letter of Understanding signed by the consenting retailer.

Make AdvantAge Chapters

Help form groups of already existing members or simply make members and get them to come together and work towards a social cause to ultimately keep them physically, mentally and socially engaged, Active.
Please volunteer today… not only will you be serving others, you will also help yourself to discover a new purpose in your life!.

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