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Yes, you could actually help put together a network of product and service providers that offer great value to thousands of elderly people! These could start from the neighbourhood chemist, daily needs store, clinics and hospitals to larger departmental stores and malls, cinema and theatre halls and even national brands in apparel, footwear, foodstuffs. In fact, everything that a senior citizen could need and thanks to you can now gets at great discounts. All you need to do is to Enroll manufacturers and service providers in the AdvantAge Card network of Card Associate. They get instant access to a loyal, large market that given India's increasing longevity figures among the elderly can only grow by the year! You can start with the company where you or someone you know may be working for. So, go ahead, put your networking skills to work for a great cause and reap your rewards in smiles! Please forward the contact details of potential card associates as per the form bellow. This will help us to follow up and finalized the association.

Online Card Associate Form :
Please submit these details so that we can contact the Associate and formalize the arrangements.