Healthy Ageing

  • Ageing is a slow process that every individual goes through.
  • It is a process that projects visible changes. Some of these changes include greying hair, wrinkling of the skin as well as internal physiological changes.
  • The process varies widely from individual to individual.
  • It is generally associated with the decline of bodily functions.

Importance of healthy ageing

  • Nowadays, due to advancements in the standard of living advancements in medical care available, the life expectancy of the population is on the rise.
  • Healthy ageing should be the main objective of all age-care related programmes.
  • As a person ages, his/her body becomes highly vulnerable to a multitude of diseases.

Three pillars of healthy ageing

  • Remaining physically active
  • Social interaction is a must
  • Healthy and balanced diet


  • As people age, they become susceptible to a multitude of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, urinary disorders, osteo-arthritis, cardiovascular disorders, depression, dementia etc.
  • Those elderly, who are relatively well-off, tend to consume multiple drugs on a regular basis and since these drugs are available over the counter in the market, they consume more of these said drugs.
  • It should be noted that consulting a doctor is a must before consuming any form of medication.

Dangers related to clinical disorders

  • There always exists the likelihood that diseases affecting the elderly are ignored because they are assumed to be the ‘routine manifestations’ of old age and in such cases, it is assumed that consulting a doctor isn’t needed.
  • As a result, by the time the doctor is consulted, the disease has already advanced significantly.

Physiological decline and consequences

  • Atrophy of the taste buds and loss of teeth
  • Changes in the gastro-intestinal tract
  • Respiratory issues
  • Kidney and urinary system issues
  • Heart and circulatory system
  • Muscular system issues
  • Brain related issues
  • Bones

Measures to ensure healthy ageing

  • Regular physical activity
  • Balanced diet
  • Adequate social interaction
  • Being aware of the issues related to ageing and taking preventing measures against these issues
  • Always consult a doctor if unwell. Do not self-medicate